Signs of Life

We’ve been bunkered down in the trenches of a few different studios & we’re stoked to announce that the album (tentatively titled Thief & Love) is taking shape nicely!  In a musical landscape that can arguably be described as the Great American Folk Revival, I couldn’t be more proud that this a guitar-driven record…lots of guitars.  Below is a small clip from our most recent foray into Soul Haven Studios with Brandon Bower turning the dials.  The song is our newest and is titled, Moving On (lyrics below).  Also, we’ll be unveiling dates soon for a run of shows this spring; can’t wait to share these songs & have something for you to take home!

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Soul Haven Session from wesgow on Vimeo.

Moving On

Wes Gow ©

Do you know that sailor tied onto the boat
His life raft crumbled in the wake of the storm
And if we try to pull him in we’ll never make it to port
Go cut the rope.
Oh, we’re moving on.

A house of cards without a joker in the deck
This town tips their hats to the guys with the tricks.
And however far we go I’ve made my peace
There will be no homecoming shows.
Oh, we’re moving on.

Cut the anchor chain and get in
Raise the sail up to the wind
And chart course into the dawn
Oh, we’re moving on

That twisted tongue that always whispers in my ear
He doesn’t raise his voice because he knows I want to hear
And that garrison I’m hiding in of questions & fear
I’m burnin’ it to ashes & smoke
Oh, I’m moving on.

If that horse you brought to water doesn’t ever take a drink
And that mocking bird you bought doesn’t ever want to sing
That golden calf didn’t usher in your dreams
Then what choice have you got than to let that creature be?

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Epic Halloween Show!

Artist Discovery Series & Soul Haven Studio present:  Costumes, Tunes, & Seasonal Brews! 

When:  Saturday, October 27th 7pm – 11pm

Where:  Soul Haven Studio (1080 Aragona Blvd, VB 23455)

Who:  Two Bars from the GunAragona Project, & Luke Taylor Band

What:  “Rock Star” themed costume party/benefit concert!  Gift prizes for best dressed & best celebrity-rock star look alike.

Why:  All proceeds go to The Wounded Warrior Project.

Cost:  $20  [$15 vet & active military], includes catering from Traditions Grill & seasonal beer tasting from Beach BreweryO’ConnorsWilliamsburg Alewerks, & St. George Brewing Co.

Space is limited!  Tickets only available on site.  Doors open at 6:30.

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Hard To Let Go

Monday evening we’ll be back in the studio in the capable hands of Brian Million laying down guitars to a song entitled, “Hard To Let Go.” It’s been a staple at our shows and usually elicits the most positive response from the set (when I play the guitar solo right). In terms of subject matter it’s fairly close to home: it’s about a farmer’s wife whose only source of comfort in troubled times is looking out over the farm at night and seeing the corn in straight rows, something that’s where it should be. Subsequently, the farmer tells the story in the song about wrestling with where he knows she is right now (both physically & emotionally), and the struggle to let her be where she needs to be. My wife & I lived through a hard year in which the tables were turned in relation to this song: I was fighting to keep my head above water and she was the one worried sick. Melodically, I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with it:) It pushes me on the guitar as I play a solo with a slide, and the rhythm is one which sounds best if we lean into it, rather than settling back into a pocket.

So here’s to hoping tomorrow that night is another positive step toward a good rendition of the song! Check out the lyrics below and we’ll keep you posted.

Hard To Let Go
by Wes Gow©

Her side of the bed is empty again,
I can tell without having to look.
Yeah, I know where she is.

I know where she goes every night,
After I’ve fallen asleep.
She kisses our kids.

Then she walks up stairs on the old plank boards
That old bay window looking over the farm
And she’ll be there all night.

Baby come on, and leave those rows to harvest
Oh my God, are you looking down on us
Can you see my soul, naked & honest?
You gotta let me know.
It’s so hard to let go.

The dust in the air, it covers the corn
The clay is cracked open & dry,
And it’s hotter than hell.

I pray every night on my own,
We haven’t prayed together in weeks,
So I pray alone.

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Record…take 1

Several weeks ago I noticed the thin thread that is my understanding of being in an original band starting to come unraveled:  I think I’ve been going about this all wrong.  When we started working on original material, the thought of recording wasn’t even in my hemisphere.  First, we play shows.  Then…then maybe we’ll even consider something else.  So for the last two years we’ve rehearsed endlessly and played a bunch of shows…with almost nothing to show for it, and worse, nothing to give folks at our shows.  Enter the epiphany.  Maybe you record first, then go play out.  That way, someone in the bar who may be thinking, “I’d like to hear that song again,” can hear you say after you shred it, “That song’s on our record that you can pick up right here.”  Dang.  Needless to say, we’re putting a hold on the pursuit of playing out until we can formulate a game plan for creating something to bring with us to those future shows.

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So why a blog along with other social media?  In short, twitter is insufficient & facebook is determined to destroy itself.  We will still utilize their capabilities, but we’re tired of their limitations.  Will this blog garner throngs of adoring fans and lead us on a Late Show tour followed by opening for the European leg of Springsteen shows?  Probably not.  No, in fact.  But it will allow us to better control the aesthetic of our web presence, and that’s good enough for now.

In the coming days we hope to provide insights into some of the joys & challenges & discoveries of a day-jobs-with-kids-in-the-middle-of-suburbia rock band.

Maybe we’re just getting started.

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