Two and a half years ago we played our first gig as a band at Hell’s Kitchen in Norfolk.  It was the better part of a train wreck, but it was a blast!  On Friday, July 26th we’ll play HK once again for what will be our last show for the foreseeable future as we hunker down and channel our energy into the studio project.  But there are lots of other reasons to joins us on this special night:

1) It’s our bass player’s (Rev) birthday party!

2) It’s Friday night!

3) Landon Tucker will be sharing the stage with us!

4) And it’s FREE!!

So come to Hells Kitchen Norfolk next Friday and help us celebrate a great run of shows, Rev’s birthday, and the approaching weekend!

2013 Spring Show Flier

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New Songs for Belmont!

We’re excited for our first venture into Belmont House of Smoke this Friday night!  To celebrate the evening, we’re going to introduce two new songs, “The Outcome,” and “The Mountaintop.”  They may go through revisions before making the album, but we figured we should toss them into the deep end and log some stage time first.  Check out the lyrics below and insight to their origins.

Wes Gow ©

These days I don’t hear much beyond the questions
These days I don’t get much conversation
These days I don’t sleep without assistance
These days I don’t carry expectations

Suppose you gotta let go sometime
Suppose you gotta draw back and let fly
Damn the outcome and ride

Gather all your dreams in a container
Leave room for your hopes and all your prayers
Close the lid and keep them all together
Then listen close for which ones kill the other

[Quite possibly the shortest song I’ve ever written.  I had rediscovered Tom Petty’s last truly solo effort, “Highway Companion,” and was struck by the simplicity and depth throughout the entire project.  So one afternoon I was feeling over-dramatic and indulgent and this is what came out.  I’m particularly fond of the second verse, especially the last line; not sure where that came from but I like the “Lord of the Flies” twist.  Musically it’s similar to what I was gleaning from the Petty album:  simple, serving the lyrics, not trying to overcomplicate much; a nice segue between songs on an album.]

Wes Gow ©

You can hear the tower bell from miles away up here
From the church you knelt and said your prayers
And the vicar, who told you all would be well.

You can touch Orion’s belt and hold the sword he wears
Watch the North Star slowly disappear
And see just how far you climbed to get up here.

Cause it’s a long walk to the mountaintop
Will the answers that you seek outweigh the cost?
You’re lookin’ down on the embers of the fires and songs
Staring at the ruins doesn’t mean your lost

You can hear a lot of voices echo through the night
The angels on the left, the demons on your right
They try to make up your mind 

Like the watchman welcomes dawn, and the poet fights for his song
Your in the crow’s nest of your life looking for a spark
Is that lighthouse leading you to the rocks?  

My faith is like a bayonet
It doesn’t stand a chance
But I’m glad I’ve got it
And I didn’t come here lookin’ to fight
But I might have just changed my mind!!

[This song went through three significant revisions, both lyrically and melodically.  Years ago I remember listening to a Springsteen album and realized how much he was painting pictures of scenes and allowing the listener to make the connection to what was happening.  For example, rather than telling me the characters in his story kissed, he was poetically describing the experience of the kiss.  I wanted more of that in these lyrics, so I wrestled through different versions and finally got something I was happy with.  The song was inspired from Psalm 102 where the author writes, “I am like a desert owl, like an owl among the ruins.  I lie awake; I have become like a bird alone on a roof.”  I was struck by the word picture and the haunting loneliness.  At some point everyone finds themselves at a moment of looking back and taking stock of your life’s journey, sensing the subtle and uncertain breeze of change.  And whether you believe in God or not, if you’re not careful you’ll be cursing the stars in a desperate pursuit of answers.  Musically the song is a classic case of overthinking.  I brought it to the band and we all knew exactly how to attack it…but we wanted it to sound like something else.  I once heard someone within U2’s camp say that as a band they didn’t trust things that came easily to them.  I can respect that, but the danger is getting caught up in a tireless (and aimless) sprint away from what you do best.  So we finally surrendered to the sound we all heard initially and agreed to let that approach breath for a time.  God forbid a band develop their sound!]
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We’re stoked to announce a run of shows this spring, with possibly more on the way into mid-summer.  Our goal is to have some teaser tracks to give out at these shows leading up to our album release (TBD).  Come support local music and spend an evening with us!

March 16th, 2013:  Winston’s Cafe Greenbrier, 930pm

April 19th, 2013: Belmont House of Smoke930pm

May 4th, 2013: Jewish Mother Backstage930pm

June 29th, 2013: Belmont House of Smoke930pm

July 26th, 2013: Hell’s Kitchen (Norfolk), 930pm

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